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We are a community of entrepreneurs who are building a plant-based future. We believe the best way to make that happen is through through innovative products and services.


Yes, we are looking for plant based entrepreneurs. You could still be in the early stages of your business, but the ideal member is someone interested in starting a business or organization.

Preferably, we are a community of vegan entrepreneurs creating a plant-based future. For your business to be considered vegan, it must not use any animal derivaties in any of its processes (creation, testing, etc.).

Here are some of the best reasons to join:
* Free access to a community of plant based innovators
* Panels to connect with entrepereneurs in your area (we are global)
* Newsletter and Facebook Group with free tools and tips to grow your venture
* Funding and investments  - we will connect you with funding opportunities that are right for your organization/business.


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